Domaine Leflaive

Domaine Leflaive

Domaine Leflaive is the most prominent name in Puligny-Montrachet, and arguably the most famous white Burgundy producer.

Probably the most well-knowned of the white burgundy producers is Domaine Leflaive. This domain can be traced back as far as 1717, but it's founding has largely been attributed to Joseph (1870-1953), who was one of the engineers working on the 1st French submarine. As a married man, however, he followed a different path by taking charge of the family vineyard in Puligny-Montrachet. He and the estate manger replanted in 1920, after the phylloxera outbreak, and eventually were able to start selling their wine to private individuals using the Leflaive name.

Many years later 2 of Joseph's sons took over, and then his grand-daughter, Anne-Claude, who became a pioneering figure in biodynamic viticulture with the family vineyard leading the way and converting totally to biodynamic by the late 1990's.

Recently the family business has been run by Joseph’s great grandson & Anne-Claude’s nephew, who have been expanding into other areas, including several HA in Mâconnais and another vineyard started in Hautes Côtes de Beaune. 

Domaine Leflaive Market Performance

In 2009 the Leflaive wines were responsible for more than 50% of sales for white burgundy. Today the demand for white burgundy's have increased by almost 4x and the Leflaive name is on about 30% of those sales.

Their current most popular wines are the Chevalier Montrachet, Batard Montrachet & Puligny Montrachet Clavoillon. Among vintages, the 2017 was the leader, but 2014/15 are gaining trade ground.


Domaine Leflaive index

The Leflaive index has outdone the white Burgundy's pricing in the short/mid term and has risen by over 50% over the past few years, as opposed to the white burgundy's 25%. In 2016-18, though, they fell behind Burgundy 150, which had gained over 70% due to the price increases of popular brands, like DRC & Armand Rousseau, but last year the tables turned and Leflaive finally even surpassed that.

But tables have turned in the past year, with Leflaive (6.5%) outperforming the Burgundy 150 (-7.2%) too. 


Domaine Leflaive family

The Leflaive family vineyards have been enticing buyers for 100's of years due to their critically acclaimed product and performance, and will likely due so for each century to come.


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