Examining the shape of the market

Examining the shape of the market

Buyer interest in fine wines continues to change, as shown by the graph of local trades.


The predominate leader, Bordeaux, has dropped to half so far in 2020 and now the most popular trading is among the vintages of 2009/10 & 2016.

Burgundy's, which traditionally benefit from any drop in Bordeaux movement, have also been falling, down 2.4% over last year. Performances in pricing have also declined, with Burgundy 150 down 2.5%, as well as slight drops with Champagne & the Rhone prices.

However, in general, trades in wine from Italy has been rising with the value incrasing 4% over last year and prices increasing slightly.

Globally the wine trade shares have doubled to 10% so far this year with Australia, Germany & Spain each at 1% (3% total) and the U.S. at just over 5 percent, which has brought the RoW (Rest of World) category to a new high. Regionally, the Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignons have led the most actives.


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