Finding stability with Champagne

Finding stability with Champagne

Due to recent events forcing people indoors, wine consumers are now shopping online more, as stores experience empty racks while trying to keep up with the demand. Some internet-based retailers have had to postpone orders just to catch-up to the sales volume. Any supplier who can keep up with the demand is enjoying an unprecedented sales spike!

The marketplace for wholesale fine wines is equally boosted by these wordwide events, with increases in trade & values, but at lowered prices in some cases. Dom Perignon 2008 has been among the most traded.

Champagne usually does well during times of trouble, including being Churchill’s favorite during WW2. The Liv-ex Champagne 50 shows this, as it stayed strong during the financial breakdown of 2008/09 and market drop of 2011/14. Against the volatile nature of other products during these difficult times, Champagne remains strong.

Would it be wise for En Primer to wait another year?

It has been suggested that, in light of recent events, that the 2019 vintage should not be released until perhaps April or May of 2021. While many are opposed to this, it has already been postponed this year and is unlikely to be tasted anytime soon this summer. Read Rupert Millar's point of view HERE.

Keeping Up-To-Date At Home

These are trying times for the trades in fine wines, but Live-Ex has posted a few ways to make the best of a bad situation HERE.


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