James Suckling releases Bordeaux 2019 scores

James Suckling releases Bordeaux 2019 scores

From tastings at his wine bar in Hong Kong, James Suckling put out his 1st scores, of which the best awards were given to vintages from 2018 (including 3 that received 100pt scores!). However, several large brands were absent, so perfection may not be here yet.

He gave compliments to the 2019 vintages when compared to 2018, but said they had “less exuberance and plushness in fruit and tannins”, and “the wines seem more typical for Bordeaux – which is a good thing”.

Suckling conversed with winemakers who told him the 2019 wines were comparable to the wonderful vintages of 2010, “but without the austerity and intensity”.

James Suckling releases Bordeaux 2019 scores

The biggest issue now seems to be figuring out when the vintages will be released, and at what cost. The makers and sellers that Suckling heard from in Bordeaux told him “they will release prices for wines in June and all agreed that prices have to come down […] from about 10 percent to 40 percent”.

With future wines coming out in these extraordinary times, Suckling said “the market will indeed decide if now is the time to buy 2019 en primeur when the wines begin selling in a few weeks”.


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