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Mansalto Castello Rapale 2016

Mansalto Castello Rapale 2016

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Mansalto Castello Rapale 2016

Our pristine ecosystem of forestlands, olive orchards, vineyards, grain fields, lakes and streams offers visitors breath-taking views of an unknown corner of Tuscany and enchanting pathways through a natural paradise. Our unusually high vineyards (600 m.) allow for slow ripening and late harvesting of our grapes, giving our wines depth and delicacy

Cabernet Sauvignon 60%, Merlot 20%, Sangiovese 20%

Cellar aging: Used barrels for 9 months

7 hectares in the area called Gorellini, 4.000 vines per hectare planted in 1997.

Mansalto’s 70 hectares of vineyards grow in small plots surrounded by forest or fields; each parcel has a different soil type, giving the wine made from that vineyard’s grapes a distinctive character: fruitier where there is more clay and afternoon sun, more floral in the highest vineyards, more mineral where the soils are lighter and sandier. We aim for a gentle touch in the cellar: high-quality grapes are enough for the wine to essentially make itself; short macerations, limited pumping over and racking, and used oak characterize our approach.