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MIDDLE-EARTH Pinot Meunier Rosé 2019

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MIDDLE-EARTH Pinot Meunier Rosé 2019

REGIONAL CLIMATE: Nelson’s sheltered topography gives protection from strong winds; combined with its proximity to the sea this gives milder temperatures than other South Island regions, mitigating frost risk. Regularly New Zealand’s sunniest region and with good diurnal variation this helps emphasise varietal character. High sunlight hours and a long growing season give wonderful fruit purity.

VINTAGE: Summer 2019 is the third-warmest summer on record in New Zealand. High pressure and hot air masses descending upon us from
neighbouring Australia, led to prolonged hot and dry conditions for the January - February period. Here in Nelson we observed a 40-day dry spell, the 4
longest since records began in 1862. This dry period came hand in hand with high sunshine hours, our local weather stations recording 355 hours for the month of January. A new record for the sunniest month in the South Island. These conditions led to the rapid accumulation of sugars and the earliest ever start to harvest for our region. They also produced wonderfully disease-free fruit which was snaffled up at break neck speed, our compan
y’s entire harvest completed within the month of March.

WINEMAKING: Proudly made from 100% Pinot Meunier, the fruit for this wine was whisked from the vineyard on the morning of the 5th March 2019, well before the day warmed up. Once destemmed at the winery the fruit was transferred to a press where it was held very briefly extracting not only flavour and a little colour but fine phenolics. The juice was then pressed off skins and sent to tank for settling. Once clarified the juice was racked to tank for ferment, the juice was inoculated with yeast chosen for the fermentation aromatics it liberates. The ferment was kept cool to maintain a civilized pace and preserve the glorious aromatics. As the residual sugar remaining in the wine crept into the single digits the entire team began tasting the wine together - searching for the moment the wine fell into balance. We had a consensus at about 6g/L residual sugar and the ferment was arrested. From here

it was moved quickly through the finishing steps for a record early bottling – capturing the wine’s youthful finesse on 13th June 2019.

TASTING NOTE: Provence Pink in colour, this mouth filling medium bodied wine has a generous nose of pomegranate and melon. Just a hint of sweetness on the mid palate bolsters these fruit flavours which are chased by a juicy acidity and saline note which speaks of our coastal proximity, stretching the wine out to a long dry finish.