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Pol Roger Brut Rose 2012

Pol Roger
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Pol Roger Brut Rose 2012

What do you expect from a fine rosé? A thrilling combination of flavours on the palate, of course, but you should also demand a clear structure to reveal itself upon making its acquaintance with those most eager buds. Pol Roger’s Rosé steps up to the plate and then some, its rich basket of pale raspberry and fine copper providing a depth and luxury that Pol Roger is famous for. The Pol Roger rosé shines brightest alongside fish dishes and fruit desserts (not at the same time, obviously), and the price of this Pol Roger stops around €75 a bottle.

The Pol Roger Brut Rosé is based on Pol Roger Brut Vintage, which is combined from 60 % Pinot Noir and 40 % Chardonnay. The specialty of this Pol Roger champagne is that it goes through second fermentation before being bottled up. Pol Roger Brut Rosé champagne is made from the best Crus of the Montagne de Reims.  Pol Roger Brut Rosé will take you away with a tasteful flavours and an intense pink peppercorn color. Pol Roger Brut Rosé is produced in limited quantities and it is aged for 7 years in the Pol Roger wine cellars before hitting the market, where it is priced at 75 € a bottle.

Pol Roger does not make a non-vintage rosé, preferring to release only in vintage years. Brut Rosé Vintage is produced from some twenty Grand and Premier Crus in the Montagne de Reims and the Côte des Blancs. In order to obtain its delicate colour and subtle nose, 15% Pinot Noir from selected vineyards in Ambonnay, Bouzy and Cumières is fermented and added to the blend as red wine prior to the second fermentation. Second fermentation takes place in the coolest Pol Roger cellars, thirty-three metres below ground level at temperatures of just 9°C, some 2-3°C cooler than the cellars of other producers. The cooler cellars slow down bottle fermentation, producing a champagne with finer bubbles, a characteristic for which these small production releases of Pol Roger are known for. The 2012 vintage of rose is fresh and pure with an underlying chalky character and is one of those vintages that would age well for 10+ years.

Weather: The 2012 weather has been hallmarked by many as very challenging but has created some stunning Champagne. Relatively low yields due to various weather conditions throughout the year. The winter months brought some frosts and hail which damaged the early stages of bud burst. August and September were very warm and this helped rescue and give the grapes a stunning maturity. Harvesting lasted from 10th to 26th September.

Champagne’s geographical location engenders capricious weather. For this reason, since their foundation in 1849 Pol Roger has observed the tradition of not releasing a vintage-dated champagne unless the climatic conditions permit the production of grapes of outstanding ripeness. A vintage champagne must, above all else, be a balanced champagne. This balance depends on the right blend of healthy grapes, a good potential alcohol and correct acidity. The first criterion for declaring a vintage wine is its capacity to age. Devotees who have the patience to age their champagnes are rewarded with a more complex and richer wine.