Giusti Umberto I Rosso Veneto 2011,Giusti,

Giusti Umberto I Rosso Veneto 2011

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Giusti Umberto I Rosso Veneto 2011

Full body, some plum and fruit flavours, more dry than sweet. A perfect spice finish.

Beautiful with pasta, rich cream sauce and even chicken. 

Produced in the Treviso hills Umberto I is a classic Bordeaux blend between the two most suitable French vines on the Veneto lands: Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. It undergoes a long aging in French oak barriques for 24-30 months.

Umberto I is one of the most prestigious wines of the Veneto wine production and for years has remained a staple for enthusiasts and connoisseurs. A classy international that includes the classic Bordeaux blend Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon. Wine with longevity qualities that make it improve over the years and make it a collector's wine among the most renowned in its typology.

For those who love Bordeaux a great product that excites! A great structure and complexity that emerges both on the olfactory level with notes of red fruit, small berries, sweet spices and black pepper, aromatic herbs such as thyme and rosemary, pleasant sensations of gentle refinement such as vanilla, chocolate, chestnut honey, tobacco kind. On the palate it expresses a nice fresh sensation of red fruit with an intriguing spicy component. Beautiful freshness and roundness with an important consistency. Final of toasted dried fruit and red drupes such as cherry and sour cherry.

A great wine for important meat dishes and very complex and spicy first courses. Excellent for Fiorentine di Chianina PGI, for braised meat. With long-aged cheeses, especially of vaccine origin. Excellent wine even after a meal.

Alcoholic strength: 15,5% vol.