Poggio Al Tesoro Dedicato A Walter Bolgheri Superiore 2016

Poggio Al Tesoro Dedicato A Walter Bolgheri Superiore 2016

Poggio Al Tesoro
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Poggio Al Tesoro Dedicato a Walter Bolgheri Superiore 2016

Bolgheri's terroir, with its proximity to the sea and the incredibly valuable exposure to the sun, allows Cabernet Franc to thrive. In this microclimate, Cabernet Franc vinified as a single varietal enhances its spicy nuances and gains elegance and depth. The wine is named after Walter Allegrini and symbolizes the love he felt for this land.

The deep color immediately testifies to the richness of this wine, which is then confirmed by aromas of blackberries, pepper, and eucalyptus that harmoniously merge and create incredible depth. It is striking for how it manages to support an impressive structure with lightness and tension, making it powerful yet, at the same time, agile on the palate.

Particularly suited to rich and succulent meat dishes, such as lamb, pigeon, duck, and hare, as well as to stews and meat braised in red wine. Perfect with a fine selection of mature cheese. Serve at 16-18 °C and open at least one hour before drinking.

When you arrive in Bolgheri and begin to move along its most famous roads, the celebrated cypress-lined boulevard, the shady and evocative Bolgherese highway, you realize that this is not flat terrain but rather a continuous series of terraces, rises, and declivities which, from the hills to the east, the slope gradually and sweetly towards the sea.

And if you move attentively along all these roads, the color of its soil will never surprise you because it will gradually shade from a yellowish hue to a tint like tan, like the drop of coffee which has stained your milk in the morning, and then become browner and then redder and then brown again when you approach the hills of Castiglioncello. And it is here that the extraordinary viticultural adventure of this terrain began, was transformed, in a few decades, from an ordinary, even unhealthy spot due to malaria-carrying mosquitoes, to a celebrated, desired, and sought after one. A magic place which has given a sense to human efforts, which has repaid, quite abundantly, their toil; the earth which mixes and amalgamates soils distant and opposed to one another, from the land and the sea, creating a unique and original mixture of elements.