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Poggio Al Tesoro Toscana Mediterra 2018

Poggio Al Tesoro
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Poggio Al Tesoro Toscana Mediterra

The flavor of Mediterra fully reflects the characteristics of Bolgheri, displaying an extraordinary harmony between the freshness of its aromas and its warm, robust flavors. The spicy note lent by the Syrah varietal makes the wine intensely enjoyable as well as easy to drink. A fragrant and intensely fruity red wine, where the aromas of blackberries, plums, and cherries are interwoven with more incisive peppery notes. The result of a winning blend of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot, Mediterra succeeds in the difficult task of expressing the rich complexity of Bolgheri’s terroir with an easy-drinking, exceedingly enjoyable style.

The weather in Bolgheri during 2017 reflected the global change in the environment. During winter, the weather was good, with very little rain and slightly lower than usual average temperatures that helped to combat insect infestations that can damage the vines. Spring was marked by early budburst, while the frosts that hit various Italian regions did not adversely affect the vegetation. The summer picked up on the trend in spring, with sunny days and constant breezes. Early July was marked by relatively elevated humidity for the coastal area. The first significant rainfall occurred in mid-September, followed again by warm, bright days. The prolonged drought helped us combat both fungal and parasitic diseases. Irrigation management was more complex, coordinated with the help of mini weather stations equipped with sensors capable of detecting soil moisture and the release of vapor. But as always, a human observation was invaluable: visual and manual monitoring of swelling in the leaves and grapes prompted timely interventions with precisely the right amount of water, enabling us to keep the grapes fresh and well-toned, and the leaf canopy actively engaged in photosynthesis.

An ideal pairing with various meat dishes, cold cuts, and medium matured cheeses, including Italian pecorino. It should be enjoyed slightly chilled with seafood dishes such as mullet in tomato sauce, poached fish, and Livorno-style salt cod.