Rojac 'Renero' 2015,Rojac,

Rojac 'Renero' 2015

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Rojac 'Renero' 2015

The color is deep purple. Aromas of licorice, vanilla, chocolate, wood with notes of pepper and prunes. In the mouth, the wine is dry, of a bold body with a nice texture. The taste is a little sweet, with overripe grapes and marmalade.

Method of Aging and Production:

The wine is aged for at least 5 years in oak barrels, then bottled.


The vineyards are spread in south-oriented positions, at an altitude of 200-250m above sea level. They are characterized by low cultivation form. They do not cover the vines too much, do not fertilize them excessively, but allow nature to do its thing. They only add the most urgent. They are very scarce, a few times less than ordinary winegrowers.


The Rojac Boutique Farm produces exclusively organic and organic wines from autochthonous and traditional varieties, ie Refosco and Malvasia. Wines are natural - the guide to their production is a lot of precision work in the vineyard, where top-quality grapes are born, which only bring them into the modern cellar and leave it their way, with minimal intervention or monitoring of the development that nature itself produces wine that can they serve the customer - as if they were pouring a bunch of grapes into the glass. Therefore, Rojac wines are unconventional, authentic, rich, structural and reflect the characteristics of man, earth and the region they come from. And so it has been 400 years since the ancestors of the Rojac family settled in Gažon, a village on the hills that rise above Izola and Koper. It will not be a coincidence that at that time, in the Republic of Venice, red wine from these places, produced in the best vintage, was renegade and taxed three times more than other wines. In fact, it is a wine with medicinal effects reserved for the patricians and the Doge in Venice.