Viñedos de Páganos La Nieta 2017,Viñedos de Páganos,

Vinedos de Paganos La Nieta 2017

Viñedos de Páganos
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Viñedos de Páganos La Nieta 2017

This wine comes from a plot of less than 2 hectares, which is perhaps the absolute top in the Rioja portfolio of the Egurens. One of the 10 best wines from Rioja, even if it has only been produced since 2004. As fat and meaty as a T-bone steak. Immensely dense and full of flavors, layer upon layer covers the palate: currants, blueberries, graphite, liquorice and chocolate to the point of dismissal. Despite these extremes, it is characterized by a great balance. This wine has what it takes to become one of Spain's red wine legends.