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Ciroc Pineapple 0.7l

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With the Ciroc Pineapple Vokda, or Ciroc pineapple as it is translated, we have a 5-way distilled vodka made from grapes in our range, which is provided with a natural pineapple aroma. The basic distillate is the very noble Ciroc Vodka, which in its pure version is one of the best-selling vodka with us. The Ciroc Pineapple Edition presented here is almost not available in Germany, which we cannot really understand due to the extremely successful aromatics. The Ciroc Pineapple / Pineapple Vodka shows a wonderful taste experience with a multi-layered aroma texture that is characterized by an intense taste. In our opinion, the Ciroc Pineapple Vodka is suitable for pure enjoyment, as well as for the preparation of an exotic cocktail or long drink. With its distinctive aromas of tropical fruits, it offers a perfect base in the bar scene. The Ultra Premium Vodka Ciroc, which serves as the basis for this noble creation, has an excellent international reputation. Which is certainly due to the high quality of the raw materials, but certainly also due to the complex 5-fold distillation. We also offer other flavors in our large range of spirits from the refined version of Ciroc Vodka. You will also find the Ciroc Red Berry, Ciroc Peach, Ciroc Coconut and the exceptionally tasty Ciroc Amaretto Vodka in our online shop.