Domaine Michelot Meursault Les Narvaux 2017,Domaine Michelot,

Domaine Michelot Meursault Les Narvaux 2017

Domaine Michelot
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Domaine Michelot Meursault Les Narvaux 2017

This parcel is located on the upper slopes above the Meursault 1er Cru Genevrières appellation. The clay/limestone soil has a subsoil of extremely hard white rock riddled with fissures. These allow the roots to circulate through the white limestone. The parcel’s southern exposure, coupled with a steady 20% slope, affords the grapes excellent ventilation leading to a harvest that is both ripe and healthy. The wine often presents aromas of candied orange (or other citrus fruits) on the nose and in the mouth.

Within this bottle lies a perfect example of the present and future style of Meursault that is no longer rich and only approachable after 10+ years of bottle age. The freshness and delicacy attained by the winemaking prowess in this bottle is not only admirable, but delicious. Bright fruit and rich, but not heavy, mouthfeel that linger until you cant take it anymore and you succumb to another sip. A wine that can dance effortlessly with richer dishes like froie gras, but can also equally sit in harmony with a delicate fish dish.

Domaine Michelot is a well-known estate in Meursault, producing high-quality wines from a range of fine vineyards. It is a relatively large estate – 19 ha – yet strangely I never visited Michelot before.

The estate is managed by the Mestre family, Jean-François Mestre taking over from his father-in-law, Bernard Michelot (1926 – 2016). Now Jean-Francois’s son Nicolas Mestre has the reins as winemaker, and he is running a modern and quite prominent estate on the southern outskirts of Meursault.

The Michelot style is elegant and quite classic; wines made with a steady hand and a good eye for the qualities of a well-made Meursault. There is an element of “old-school” Meursault in these wines, but without the pitfalls of that generous and voluminous style.

The wines are pure, focused and detailed without being filigreed or structurally powerful. These are wines with a clear hedonistic element – they simply drink well and have a lovely, classic Meursault character.