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19 Crimes Hard Chard 2018

19 Crimes
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19 Crimes Hard Chard 2018

Bold and strong in character, this deep rich and golden Chardonnay is filled with stone fruit aromas and a sweet textured palate. The criminally intense toasty oak notes have hints of butterscotch and honey balanced with layers of ripe fruit. This full bodied, powerful wine finishes with rich notes of butter and vanilla.

The striking labels of 19 crimes show creativity. It also shows in the glass with this luscious chardonnay displaying a brilliant yellow colour with aromas and flavours of ripe apple, butterscotch, vanilla and oak. Full-bodied and rich it leads to a lengthy finish. Enjoy with lobster tail dipped in a lemon butter sauce.


South Eastern Australia is a sprawling Australian appellation, or Geographical Indication, that includes New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, the Capital Territory and parts of Queensland and South Australia – every state but Western Australia. The designation allows Australia’s largest wine producers to draw grapes from wherever they need within the South Eastern Australia region, so they can maintain house styles that remain consistent year after year.