Tomaž Prinčič Aurei Rebula 2018,Tomaž Prinčič,

Tomaž Prinčič Aurei Rebula 2018

Tomaž Prinčič
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Tomaž Prinčič Aurei Rebula 2018

The color is amber orange. The flower is mature, medium-pointed. After caramel, balsamic notes, even fresh reddish fruits. With a surprising measure of freshness. Dry, bold body, the texture is oily, beautifully soft, without unfriendly subtlety, acids are moderate, nicely balanced. A superb tasty gray pinot that has plenty of character and personality. Probably the best wine from this cellar in recent times.

Goriska Brda is the northern sub-region of the Primorski wine region in western Slovenia, named after the two towns around which it is formed; Goriska and Brda. However, after the political upheavals of the early 20th century, Goriska found itself on the Italian side of the new Italy-Slovenia border and is now known as Gorizia (as in Collio Goriziano). Although the wall technically divides the town in two, the critical vineyard areas are all on the western, Italian side of the border, where Slovenian wine is no longer made. Today, Goriska Brda is technically just Brda.

Located at the foot of the Julian Alps, Brda finds itself wedged between snow-capped mountain peaks and sun-baked Adriatic coastline. The name Brda translates literally as 'hills,' and the area fits snugly around the sub-alpine topography here. Just 45 miles (72km) separate the highest peak of the alps, the 9400ft (2864m) Triglav, from Montefalco on the Gulf of Trieste. Located half-way between the two, Brda experiences the climatic effects of each.

From November through April, the biting Bora winds descend from the mountains, with strong gusts (up to 125 mph/200km/h) of cold alpine air whipping down from the north-east. This poses viticultural risks, significantly if the Bora season stretches beyond budburst. Fortunately, this only occurs rarely. Brda vineyards typically enjoy a warm environment, freshened by winds from either the sea or the Alps. Rainfall is higher here than on the coast, thanks to Brda's proximity to the sea.